Guitar Garage

Scoot’s Guitar Garage is currently closed – slots will become available in July (2024).

Guitar MOT – Making your guitar roadworthy

Brand new guitars (which leave the factory with only a basic setup) and older guitars will benefit greatly from a professional set-up so they perform well and allow for a better playing experience. Scoot will discuss your preferences and playing style with you prior to carrying out any work.

Your guitar will be set-up, adjusted and fine tuned to get it feeling and sounding its best.

~ Make your guitar your own ~

A full, professional, custom set-up by Scoot includes:

  • Careful removal of old strings
  • Check frets for wear and tear and reseat any loose ends
  • Fret ends are dressed smooth for optimum playing comfort and frets deoxidised and polished
  • Fret board cleaned and conditioned
  • Restring with new strings (gauge of your choice)
  • Truss Rod adjustment to desired relief
  • Action set to customers preference- string height adjusted at top nut and bridge
  • Check and adjust intonation as necessary
  • Adjust pickups to desired height
  • Components & electrics checked and cleaned
  • Screws, nuts and bolts tightened
  • Guitar body and neck cleaned and polished.

Price £90 incl. VAT (strings extra)

All products (e.g. abrasives, oils and waxes) used are of the highest quality.

Guitar Services

~ For a great playing experience ~

Fret dress

  • levelling, recrowning and polishing of frets to a high gloss
  • plus a professional set-up (as above).

Guide Price from £150 (incl. VAT)

Full Refret

  • Existing frets are carefully removed
  • Fret slots are cleaned and the fretboard is prepared and levelled
  • New frets are installed, levelled, crowned and polished. All by hand.
  • plus a professional set-up.

Guide Price from £300 (incl. VAT)

Guitar Repairs

Scoot can help with various guitar repairs and upgrades such as:

  • Bone nut replacement (£72 incl. VAT)
  • Replacing broken wiring
  • Headstock breaks & cracks
  • Loose struts
  • Electronics upgrade

Every case is different, please contact Scoot to discuss.

Scoot’s Breakdown Recovery Service

Got a gig tonight? At a rehearsal or session? Need an on location* problem solved ?

*location within 40 miles of Swindon (SN3) Call out fee applies.

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • BACS transfer
  • Online credit or debit card payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay)